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Referrals and word of mouth are my bread and butter for expanding the client base.

These testimonials from from the "Ontario Family Court -- Representing Yourself" Face Book group. I encourage you to join that group and search through the postings.

Lion and Mouse is not an admin or a moderator of the group, I have no greater status than the next member there.

Pauline Marie, Ontario

"[Judge]Said all my paperwork was better prepared than the respondents even with counsel then suggested I look into a law degree :) said it was on of the best self represented litigant paperwork he's seen. And that's because of you and the self represetning group"

Anonymous, Ontario

"David Brewster has done more for me in a sliver of time, than my lawyer did in 2 years."

Belle Man, Ontario

"I hired David Brewster as my Divorce coach and I was so grateful for all his legal help! he is 1/4 the cost of a family lawyer and superior in my view."

Jessica McCutchean, Ontario

"David Brewster isn't a lawyer, but more like a legal god. Honestly, 20k in with a lawyer and a few hundred with David. Money WELLLLLL spent (and cases well won)... I couldn't recommend anyone more highly.


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