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Divorce Coaching,
Parenting Coordinator

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This service was born from necessity from the a self rep Face Book group

The Inception

It’s very gratifying to have helped all the people that I have from the group, especially when I hear success cases as a result of that help. As passionate as I am to assist and give advice, and this was never in anyway meant to be a business endeavor; but the bandwidth needed to help everyone has its limits and seemed constantly at the breaking point. This is especially true in light of the fact that I take time out to read every Ontario Family Law decision as they come out.

I spoke with Andrew Feldstein of Feldstein Family Law Group(FFLG) [] in 2023 over lunch one day. He was aware of my work in this group and offered both encouragement for my helping this group of people and suggest a path for those who need  little bit more help while at the same time manage my work allocation. That’s where Lion and Mouse was born from.

The help I can offer should not be mistaken for legal advice from counsel. A well qualified family lawyer from somewhere like FFLG, should be used before making any critical decisions. They have a variety of ways to help with the final mile that can fit most budgets, while still giving you the best representation in Ontario.

Despite the appearance of offering legal advice, I am not a licensed lawyer; all I can do is share what I’ve learned from my personal and professional experiences from years within the Ontario Justice system (where I acted within the corporate litigation arena), and the Family Law system. I can convey my experiences to help focus the points of your file that you need to discuss with counsel. I have operated along side with clients that I’ve transitioned over to representation with FFLG in a method that drastically reduces costs while still enabling representation for appearances.

Lion and Mouse is operated under the parent company Hold Our Money Exchange Enterprises Inc.


There’s no warmer feeling a client can get when in the middle of a fight, they can utter the phrase “my lawyer”.

As I have limited time to help, there are some points that I want to lay out for perspective new clients. These are my commitments to you.

(David Brewster)

Commitment 01.

Be Real

Help deal with your ex's unrealistic expectations and entitlement to get to a final closure.

General Guidelines

It helps to keep in mind what I won't do.

Weaponize Children

I won't help someone achieve an end game which could result in hurting a child, is unfair to the child, or appears to be using the child against the other side (weaponization). The potential impact conflict has on children can't be overstated.

Yes Man

I won't be your "yes man" or your personal advocate. But I'll help focus you on what's attainable with redirection if need be if your file is on the precipice of disaster.

Forget about Reality

I won't help you try to obtain something wholly unrealistic, unobtainable, and unreasonable. There has to be a grounding in reality.

Compromise Fairness

I'm all about fair compromise to reduce conflict and help avoid ongoing litigation; which is ultimately better for everyone especially the children; but not afraid to use the courts, only when appropriate and when all else fails.

More About Me

I also have additional knowledge and interests in a variety of areas which, while unlikely, might be of use in your file. 

  • Licensed commercial pilot, where I was professionally employed as Captain for some time.

  • Certified Scuba Instructor

  • Firearms knowledge with Range Safety Officer certification for the Ontario Rifle Association, and Accredited for Armed Guard services. Additional experience with Restricted weapons and large game hunting.

  • Sailed at a competitive racing level for 10 years.

  • Solo Skydiver, paragliding, and powered paragliding experience.

  • Technical computer knowledge (including extensive computer coding expertise level) that would likely be sufficient for “Expert Witness” designations in the courts.

Founder and Kids
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