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Online Meeting

Andrew Feldstein
Sunday May 12, 2024

Join Andrew Feldstein of and Feldstein Family Law Group for an virtual weekend seminar with some of your fellow Self Rep Litigants for expert help and answers to your questions.
No Obligations. No Cost to Attend.
FFLG & Lion And Mouse are just giving back.

Presented by Andrew Feldstein,
Founder of Feldstein Family Law Group
Host of the Ask Andrew show.

Feldstein Family Law has offices across the GTA, and their associates practice exclusively in the area of Ontario Family Law.

This is a virtual seminar, conducted via Zoom, and open to receiving and answering questions live with the zoom attendees.


No solicitor client relationship exists and that there is no expectation of privacy arising from this event.  If someone wishes to retain Feldstein Family Law Group, they can contact the intake team and book an initial consultation. 

Please note that it will be a general discussion without any legal advice being provided but there will be information. Etc


May 12, 2024 10am-12pm

In this seminar we will cover

Starting Lineup

Meet the Presenters

This is the lineup "so far" for the people that are donating their time by making themselves available for your burning questions.


Of course the opportunity to accept new clients is here too. Of course.

But the "why" doesn't end there. It doesn't even start there.

There's no shortage of bad experiences in the Family Law justice system.

There's no shortage of people with good intentions, making bad mistakes and suffering from the costly repercussions.

There's no shortage of criticisms of people in "the system".

But there are good stories too!

There are people here who genuinely want to help those in need.

Running a service business, does not have to mean putting the business ahead of people.

Putting people first, does in fact put the firm first.

If you can improve the reputation of the industry by taking advantage of an opportunity that takes the sting out of someone's experience with Family Law, that helps someone trying to do good for their family, and most of all to be recognized as a part of that good vibe story... That's a good business investment. That's the "Why".

Self Reps in Family Court - Free Webinar hosted by Family Lawyers
Self Reps in Family Court - Free Webinar hosted by Family Lawyers
May 12, 2024, 10:00 a.m.
Zoom Webinar Link (to be supplied)
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